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Breastfeeding Counselling

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breastfeeding counselling in kamothe, navi mumbai

Breastfeeding Counselling

All mothers want to provide whats best for their babies and often turn to their doctors for advice. Unfortunately many health care providers have only a limited knowledge of this topic. Though breastfeeding is a natural process, there are lot of skills need to be learnt for successful breast feeding. Medical professional who have adequate knowledge and skill of lactation management and breastfeeding support can play a big role in helping the struggling young mothers.

Lactation Tips

  • Major Challenge in Breast Feeding is due to introduction of bottle feeding as baby gets nipple confusion and prefers bottle as it require less effort.
  • A good latching technique leads to successful Breast Feeding
  • Breast Feeding can be done in lying back position also and is very helpful for nursing mothers, specially at night
  • Breast Massage and back massage stimulate milk production