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child nutrition & diet assessment in kamothe, navi mumbai

Why is nutrition important for the growth of your child?

Nutrition for kids is very important to the growing child, the most critical aspect is undoubtedly a proper nutritious diet. A complete balanced diet is what helps in the appropriate growth and development of the child. A balanced diet chart needs to be followed so that no nutrition gets skipped.

Roll of food at different age groups

The nutrient requirement varies as per the age, and so the diet plan is also different. The nutritional needs change as the child grows. As the level of physical activity increases, so are the dietary requirements. A Child Nutritionist will help you to make a healthy diet chart for your child.

Infants: Mother’s milk is the best food which supplies the child with all the necessary amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Apart from being a complete nutritious diet, it also helps protect the child from several diseases.

From infant to 2-year old: This is the time when the babies are introduced to foods apart from the mother’s feed. The baby begins to intake semi-solid to solid food components. Since at this age, the toddlers grow at an incredible pace it is vital that they get the adequate amounts of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and other micronutrients which supplement the growth process. Pureed fruits, mashed banana, khichdi, rice, cereal with milk, are considered the best diet for children in this age group.

Children to Teens: When your kid outgrows the 2-year age, this is a time when the child’s activity level increases and so is the nutritional requirements. This is because it is after the two-year period that the growth hormone increases at a rapid rate. If at this time their diets are unable to provide for all the nutrients, it can lead to life-long health problems. Simply eating everything is not the solution. It is essential to eat the right quality in the right quantity at the right time.